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Making Life Sound Better


The GN Group is a publicly-quoted, global company headquartered in Denmark. It operates several distinct businesses providing a diverse range of audio solutions - from medical-grade hearing instruments to music headphones & communications headsets used in offices & call centres - all under a number of separate brands.

The Board & Executive Management were convinced that the business could become yet more successful, and open up new market segments, if it were able to take a significantly more integrated & collaborative approach at a strategic brand & business level - a classic case where the whole could be greater than the sum of the parts.

GN engaged Two Sides initially to develop a strategic plan & operational roadmap for aligning all of its businesses & brands around a common purpose & vision; and then subsequently to run a major transformation programme to bring all leaders, employees & stakeholders on board with this new direction.

Programme deliverables have included a totally redefined group-wide corporate purpose, brand architecture & strategic vision ("Making Life Sound Better"); an updated and unified group-wide brand identity; harmonised employee values & leadership principles used as a catalyst for new collaborative working practices between all business units; introduction of a new group-wide brand & marketing methodology; and transformation coaching support at the executive management level.

Whilst this is a long-term transformation that is still ongoing, the outcomes have already been a significant realignment of strategic thinking within the business; increased levels of employee motivation & human capital; and a much-enhanced external reputation among customers, investors and partners.  Meanwhile, the company has continued to enjoy significant growth in revenue and profits.

Two Sides have had a major impact on how we operate right across the GN Group. With their support we have totally re-shaped our strategic vision, the role of each of our brands in delivering that vision, and our entire go-to-market approach. In doing so, we are now much better set-up to capture new growth opportunities in the future. Steve Walker has played a crucial leadership role in bringing this to life - all the way from Board-level engagement and right through the organisation. His unique ability to communicate complex strategic thinking in such a clear and easy-to-follow way has resulted in a solution that the whole business has really got behind.
— Per Wold-Olsen, Chairman of the Board - GN Group

FEATURED CLIENT : PAUL SKINNER - CEO of Pimp My Cause & The Agency of the Future

Paul Skinner.png
Steve has supported me as a coach and provided business advisory support to my two social enterprises, The Agency of the Future and Pimp My Cause. Coaching sessions with Steve have transformed the way I perceive myself and the role I can play in the world through my work. And his business advisory services have supported Pimp My Cause in developing a new business model that can ensure its long term viability as well as enabling me to achieve a level of impact through the Agency of the Future that I could not have imagined possible at the start of the process

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