Two Sides provides a range of professional services to help clients fundamentally transform their businesses. Our approach has been crafted & refined through 25 years of business leadership & coaching experience. 


Discovery & Insight

We start all projects with a thorough analysis of the "why" before we get to the "what" & "how".

This allows us to uncover the fundamental TRUTH of the situation in which a leader, team, brand or business find themselves at the present time - what has got them here & what will really drive their success going forward.

This could be anything from an individual leadership diagnostic assessment right through to a thorough strategic review of a business. We employ a variety of assessment techniques, research & diagnostic tools - very much dependent on the nature of each individual client & project we undertake.

Where clients have already conducted their own analysis this is also incorporated during the discovery process.



Out of insight is born purpose, vision & strategy.

Based on the insight generated, a strategic hypothesis will then be constructed. Boiling down the analysis into an actionable leadership and/or brand vision can take several iterations. Two Sides will play a crucial facilitation role to ensure a clearly-articulated strategic framework emerges at the end of this phase & that change momentum is maintained throughout by the client.

Whether it be an individual leader's development plan or an entirely new business strategy, one thing is certain - a strong sense of purpose & identity will underpin any fundamental change initiative.

At this stage, stakeholders must be actively engaged to ensure the transformation plan has full support & sponsorship - Two Sides will work alongside you every step of the way to secure this backing.

Strategic Evaluation

Action Planning

Bringing it all to life.

Once the "why" & the "what" of your intended transformation is clear, we'll plan "how" to make it happen. This is where the full breadth of Two Sides' expertise comes into play as long-term, systemic change requires both clear strategic planning & a deep understanding of how to influence human behaviour. Whatever your performance enhancement goal - at a business, brand, team or individual level - change happens when people move & that requires visionary leadership to guide the way.

We'll help you devise the best change solution to meet your goals - whether that be a new business strategy, brand platform, leadership system or personal development plan. In our experience, significant transformation requires simultaneous action across these areas . For individual leaders this could be anything from a series of behavioural experiments right through to development of a fundamental leadership purpose & identity - closely tied in to the business or brand culture that you are trying to create.



Making it stick is the hardest part of the journey.

Creating a momentary shift in behaviour through direct intervention is one thing. Ensuring this can be sustained once the change stimulus is removed is quite another.

Our goal is always to leave clients in a situation where the transformed state has become the "new normal" - where new habits have been learned deeply & can be maintained without conscious correction being required. Avoiding the effects of "organisational homeostasis" - where everything gravitates back to how it was before - requires transformation to be implemented right across an organisation, leadership or business system. The more radical the change, the more chance it has to take hold.

Two Sides believes strongly in equipping leaders with the tools to self-coach. In this way they can continuously drive their own development & maintain the change energy needed to transform the teams, brands & businesses for which they are responsible. 



Most importantly, we believe that client responsibility must be maintained at every stage of the transformation process.

We coach, challenge, facilitate, collaborate & advise - but you will retain ownership & responsibility for your transformation at every step of the journey.  All of our experiences have proven that this is paramount for a significant, systemic & lasting change to occur.